The world of Neutral Density Filters

Long exposures can blur moving water so it has mist like qualities while keeping stationary objects like land and structures sharp.

A 10 stop filter or several ND filters are the prime utensil for me to make a photograph, even in static situations.

Manarola I

Manarola II

Dusk & Rust

One Coin For The Ferryman

After Hours

I Found You Very Attractive

Driftwood Island

Still Ruht Der See

Slow Water I

Slow Water II

Light My Way

Bitter Sweet Symphony

Soft Light At Formentor I

Soft Light At Formentor II

Full Moon Bay

Reflective Moments II

Piece & Quiet I

Piece & Quiet II

Piece & Quiet III


Starlight Express

When The Light Touch The Water


Black Volcanic Gravels Between My Toes

Shoreline II

Sailing On The Seven Seas


Sleeping Virgin

San Giorgio Maggiore


Manarola IV

At The Beginning There Was Light