A serene mood on a foggy winter morning seems perfect for me to achieve my visions in shooting minimal snowscapes.

Rhythm Is A Dancer


Contemplation I

Telegraph Study I

Telegraph Study II

Telegraph Study III

First Snow


Bare Arrangement

Wintery Dreams

The Rustling Of The Forest & The Soughing Of The Wind

Silent Path

Wintery Road


Hidden In Fog

Gentle Melody

Dream is Destiny

Freezing Rails I

Freezing Rails II

Piece Of Wintery Woods

Along The White Hills

Somewhere Nice

Into My World II

A Lonely Cold Place

Fence End

Quiet Afternoon

Quiet Afternoon II

Quiet Afternoon III

Wherever The Snow Falls I

Wherever The Snow Falls II


Black Rooftop

Born In Series I


Stay On Target

Bug Powder Dust

Visions of Winter