I'm a photography lover based in Austria.

I was born in 1981 and I'm a father of two children.

For me photography is a way to capture moods or create emotions and give the viewers a chance to feel emotions.

My photography is often described as minimalistic, atmospheric and soothing.

For me every image has a symbolic meaning. Many pictures speak for themselves - without texts or situation descriptions - deliberately reduced to a "picture title".

My philosophy is: "The less you know the more you feel"

I just love everything about photography, mostly I love landscapes and nature and mainly b&w long exposures. I'm also drawn to architectural photography and enjoy the geometry, which I find in nature even so attractive.

I'm a self-taught photographer and began in 2012, I'm mainly influenced by black and white landscape photographers.

It is forbidden to use my images in blogs or any other media without my written permission!

If you want to buy prints or use any of my pictures please contact me: gerald.arzt@aon.at