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Fresh Snow

Austria 2018



Austria 2018

Taken during a snow shower...

The stilt houses on Lake Attersee are UNESCO World Heritage listed stilt houses.

In 2011 Austria was awarded its ninth UNESCO World Heritage Site "Prehistoric Stilt Buildings around the Alps". As a special feature, this new world heritage does not only extend to Austria. Together with Germany, France, Italy, Slovenia and Switzerland, a total of 111 pile dwellings of the Alpine region form a UNESCO World Heritage Site across borders. There are three world heritage sites in the Austrian lakes in the Attersee (ÖO) and one each in the Mondsee (OÖ) and Keutschachersee (K).

Mysterious Island

Austria 2018

A cold breath around the branches and leaves

Trees on a Hill

A Heart of Winter

bittersweet solitude

Again and again amazing how gentle and soothing these pictures are to the viewer, although the situation when I made this picture was anything but gentle and peaceful. This picture was created in hard wind and nearly horizontal snowfall, when the snow flew by in my face  and on the lens I had to protect my equipment with all imaginable means from the wet. it was almost impossible just to think about photographing in these conditions but yet  I shot my best pictures in the snowstorm and was always amazed by the result. I always enjoy doing it because I love these pictures, moods and adventures really much.

First snow Nov. 2017

First Contact

Arrival of the snow Nov. 2017

Invitation to the ImageNation Paris - International Photo Expo . Paris, 10-11-12 Nov. 2017

My exhibits in Paris

Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris

Square du Vert-Gulant

Interprétation de la Square du Vert-Gulant en couleurs d'automne. 

Paris 2017

October Blues

Bodensee, Konstanz

Nominee in 3rd FineArtPhotographyAwards, Awarded entry - FROZEN TREES

Landscape Nominee, Fine Art Nominee


Im Arm der Kälte

Wenn die Sille eure Sinne führt I

Visionen des Winters

Der Reihe nach

Just The Two Of Us

Immer liebend

Everloving II

Land Strich

Dead in the Mist

Winterschlaf I

Die Farben des Winters

Colours of Winter II

Colours of Winter III

Places in Between

Karluv most

Street metaphysics, Prague 2017

Street Light

Street metaphysics, Prague 2017

They just went by

Street metaphysics, Prague 2017

The Photographer

Karluv most IV

Boat House

Tauplitzalm I

Flying Gondolas I

Let your soul fly

cast away

Long cool woman in a black dress


Silent Light

Into the trees

moments in time